4 Tips to Make A Small Room Look Larger

Dr. Deena Stacer
Published on May 24, 2017

4 Tips to Make A Small Room Look Larger


“Tiny homes” are now an up and coming way of living for some people in the real estate world. They aren’t the rage for everyone, but many people do want to live more of a minimalist lifestyle. You do not have to live in a dollhouse to know the challenges of trying to furnish and live in a home with small rooms. Many San Diego Homeowners are quite aware of the “small-room syndrome.”


One of the most important aspects of staging your home for sale is to declutter it, making a small room look and feel bigger. You want to open up the closets and cupboards so they appear roomier and bigger. With strategic staging, even the tiniest spaces can look larger.  Here are a few more tips to help you make a small room look even larger for buyers to fall in love with your home over another one.



1. Lighten and Brighten A Small Room

Dark rooms may feel like a dark cave to a buyer, making them feel like the home is small and cramped. Add more light to your room with smaller lamps around the room. These will draw the buyer’s eyes around the room, making your space look larger. If your room is too small for more lamps, put up wall sconces and place floor lamps around the room to lighten the dark corners.

Track lighting will make a room look less cluttered and bring light across the room. Smaller track lights will expand the area. Larger lights may overwhelm the buyer by focusing on the lights rather than the space. Look at these 6 lighting tricks to make a small space feel bigger. 


2. Paint A Small Room

Buyers love a freshly painted room in neutral colors because they like the idea that they do not have to do any painting when they move in. And, buyers believe you have taken great care of the home while under your ownership because the home is freshly painted. They will believe you are not hiding any major defect of your home with a fresh coat of paint. If there are repairs, you will want to fix the problems or disclose them once you have an offer so the buyers will know you are not hiding anything from them.

Check with a paint specialist at your local paint store to discuss the right colors for your room. Many specialists advocate lighter colors to make a room look brighter. And dark colors absorb light, which can make the room look smaller. The most important thing to remember for a buyer is that they do not want to have to repaint your home when they move in, so keep the walls lighter so they are not turned off by the work they will have to do before or during their early days of settling into your home.

Check out Home Depots Color Design Suggestions.


A Brighter Room Changes The Mood of a Small Room

A brighter room looks bigger and more inviting to a buyer. When you paint your rooms dark colors, buyers most likely will reject the work they need to do when considering your home. Paint the rooms in neutral colors. If you want to add character to a room consider painting your wall trim and moldings a different color.

To open up the space in a smaller room paint the ceiling in a darker color, this makes the ceiling look higher. Be sure to check with a paint specialist to get the best ideas to make your rooms look larger with the right color paint.

The larger the space feels, the more buyers will be attracted to your home and the more offers you will get from buyers who want to live in your home. Read more about how How Room Color Affects Your Mood. 


3. Choose Accessories Carefully for a Small Room

When buyers see too many accessories in a small space, it feels cluttered and suffocating. For example, an overstuffed closet makes a room appear smaller and disorganized.

Be ruthless when you begin to rid the room of everything that makes the room feel small, messy or unkempt. The more stuff you have in the room the more buyer believes that your home may be too hard to keep clean and neat. The less you have in a room, the easier it is for a buyer to see their belongings in your home.

Hang the most interesting wall hanging on the wall furthest from the door. Draw the buyer’s eye to a distant spot on a far wall and you create a depth of perception. It makes it feel like the space is larger because the wall hanging or painting is way over there. Hanging items lower than you normally would also makes a buyer feel like the ceiling is taller, and the room larger. Check out this article about 10 Ways to Make A Small Room Look Bigger. 


4. Furniture Placement in A Small Room

Too much furniture, large and heavy furniture will make a small room feel smaller. Get rid of the larger furniture. You are moving anyway, why not store it so it doesn’t deter a buyer?

You will want to place smaller furniture strategically in the room. For example, pull the sofa or bed about 3 to 4 inches away from the wall, you will create the illusion that the wall is farther away that it really is.

A tall bookcase or shelves hung from the ceiling to the floor will create the illusion that there is more room because it emphasizes the vertical space. Make sure you have only a few items on the shelves showing a lot of empty shelf space so a buyer sees that there is a lot of room for their own items that they can show off.  Read 18 Ways to Make a Small Space Look Bigger with Furniture Placement 

Would you like additional resources to help you put more profit in your pocket when selling your home? Watch this video about putting more profit in your pocket by adding mirrors to increase your home value. 


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Dr. Deena Stacer

Dr. Deena Stacer has a real estate license and a PHD in psychology. She combines her expertise in real estate and her understanding of psychological real estate strategies to help you have less stress and hassle when you sell your home.  If you have questions about this article or have real estate questions, please feel free to schedule a time to chat with her. She will be happy to answer questions about selling or buying a home, about how to increase the value of your home and the technical process of the 4 stages of selling a home or buying one. . Dr. Deena: The Doctor That Makes House Calls!  Realty One Group-CA-BRE 00703471.

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