Turn Your San Diego Condo Balcony Into Paradise

Dr. Deena Stacer
Published on April 5, 2017

Turn Your San Diego Condo Balcony Into Paradise


Whether you live in a condo and you are looking for ways to create privacy on your balcony or you want to make your balcony more productive, here are 6 great ideas you can use to Turn Your San Diego Condo Balcony into Paradise.

1. A Balcony Garden Can Provide Privacy

Condo living does not usually offer much privacy. You either have an adjoining building that looks directly into your balcony, or you are on the street level and people can see right into your home. By creating a mini-garden or a unique retreat on your balcony you will establish a little bit more privacy.

To start, add tall, dense plants as dividers to keep peering eyes from looking in. Or use lattice or some other type of fencing, like wooden slats, a metal grate, large umbrellas or a shade cloth to create that divider. Add climbing plants to the fence and eventually they will grow over the dividers giving you a colorful, secluded space.

You can find unique divider ideas on Pinterest. Buy unique items at garage sales, swap meets and on Craigslist. Used end tables, nightstands, drawers, and shelving units can decorate your space. Stack them, creating different levels of plants. Repurposing furniture costs less and makes your space unique, while sparking great conversations with friends.

2. Gardens Can Expand Your Well-Being

You can decorate a small balcony space with just about any type of small furniture, and you can add plants. Whether it is a succulent garden that requires little care or an herb garden that yields favorite flavors for your meals all year long, you can make a small space lovely and more productive.

Plants add warmth to a home. They add oxygen and color. They add energy and bring in a sense of well-being by taking away the sterility of an empty or too small balcony.  Plants in unique containers or pots also create a focal point that makes it fun to look at and enjoy.

3. Your Decorations are Determined by the Sun or the Shade You Get

When creating your balcony paradise figure out how much sun the balcony or garden area gets every day. Does the sun shine on the area most of the day, half of the day, or is it mostly shaded from sun?  Do you get morning or afternoon sun?

Shady spots can be challenging if you want to grow an edible garden. Ask your local nursery expert to tell you the best types of shaded plants to grow to eat. The following salad greens grow in the shade, leaf lettuce, arugula, endive, and cress. Other plants include broccoli, cauliflower, peas, beets, brussels sprouts, radishes, and swiss chard.

Hydrangeas and azaleas are perfect flowers that are colorful and pretty.

4. Vertical Gardening Yields Food For Your Table

You might have an urge to become an urban gardener and micro-grow a small crop of vegetables or fruit trees.

Vertical gardening is one of the biggest trends in gardening today and you have a great place to do it from your balcony.

If you don’t want to go vertical, you can use grow bags which come in all sizes. The deeper bags accommodate a hefty potato crop. Peppers and bush beans take up very little space. Cucumbers, tomatoes and squash can be grown upright.

Miniature fruit trees grow in containers, and are perfect for a small patio. Dwarf varieties include blueberries, lemons, limes and mandarins.

5. Window Boxes and Unique Containers Add Charm To Your Balcony

You can cultivate edibles with window boxes positioned in the sun. You can grow nourishing, delicious and beautiful food in your limited space. Two feet long window boxes are big enough to grow all sorts of herbs like oregano, basil, chives, and rosemary. Unique containers can add an artsy touch.  Space may be limited but enthusiasm doesn’t have to be.

6. Make Your Balcony Your Own Private Retreat

If you do not have a green thumb, or you do not want to start a garden with fruit trees or vegetables, you can turn your balcony into your own private retreat.

Add a small chair and table, or repurpose furniture or wooden boxes to create the look you want. Add a small trunk or a painted night stand as a table.

Add a small electric or battery    operated fountain, add a trellis or tall slats and cover them with lights and ferns.

Need to create some shade? Add a shade structure overhead by draping material across the area with four poles or lamps.Or secure hooks from the wall and the trellis to create your   shabby chic shade.

You can enjoy your balcony all year by adding an outdoor heater and lights to entertain or escape to your sanctuary whenever you want.

If you have other questions or you want to share how you designed your balcony, feel free to send me your pictures and share your ideas.

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