How To Hold the Perfect Yard Sale- Part 1

Dr. Deena Stacer
Published on August 13, 2017

How To Hold the Perfect Yard Sale- Part 1

If you are thinking about offering a Yard or Garage Sale, you want it to be worth your time and bring you the most profit.  Let’s talk about how to hold the Perfect Yard Sale!

Plan in Advance for the Yard Sale

  • Check online for large community events that may conflict with your yard sale date.
  • Call, text, email and Facebook friends to invite them to your sale. Ask them if they have any conflicting dates before you schedule the sale.
  • Check with your HOA and City to make sure you know the rules for signage. If you have someone who is designated themselves as the sign police in your neighborhood, they may take down your signs, if they violate the HOA or City rules, ruining your efforts to attract buyers to your sale.

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  • Consider having the yard sale on two consecutive days back to back. You will get a different crowd on the second day, as well as some repeat customers if you have good quality items the first day.
  • To make the sale even more successful, consider asking friends and family to join you with their items. This means you have more manpower to help you manage the sale and the customers. Or invite your neighborhood to have a giant yard sale on the street at the same time.
  • The power of having many people joining you means you have more ability to create marketing to attract the most customers and to have more people helping you sell.

The Layout of the Yard Sale

The layout and placement of your items is extremely important for your sale to be a success. The first impression you want to make is of neatness and organization.

When you are setting up your sale you want to:

  • Think like a store-owner
  • Think like a shopper
  • Consider that you are displaying other people’s “treasures” and not your unwanted “junk.”
  • Think about the things that attracted you as well as the things that turned you off at yard sales you attended.

You will want your customers to be able to:

  • Browse at their own pace without feeling rushed
  • See all your items displayed
  • Feel comfortable shopping
  • Feel compelled to buy

Keep Your Yard Sale Organized, Tidy and Clean

  • Keeping your sale organized will help you manage the customers better. Keeping it tidy makes it easier for customers to see what you have.
  • Keeping it clean makes it easier to sell items because buyers see all your items without having to go through boxes and a ton of stuff which makes them feel overwhelmed.

When your best items are displayed neatly and you only have the best items out for sale, buyers will see that you have taken good care of those belongings. They will also be more willing to spend a little bit more for better items which helps both you and the customer win with the sale.

Garage Sale vs. Yard Sale

  • Line your big items along your driveway and yard. It is better to keep things out on the driveway and yard so people don’t have to come into your garage. This is why we called it a Yard Sale instead of a Garage Sale.
  • Avoid putting items for sale in the garage (if possible). This eliminates the chance of having people walking into your garage and gaining access to your home, when no one is inside.
  • Assign helpers to keep an eye on your garage access to keep people from going inside your home. If someone has to go to the bathroom, direct them to the nearest public restroom, or have a helper assigned inside to monitor their access.

Your Signage Should Be Enticing and Interesting

  • Marketing your yard sale takes work in order to get the most customers to your sale. When you invite others to participate at your sale or a group yard sale, you will attract even more customers.
  • The more signs you have the better. Make sure your signs are large enough to read from 50 feet away.
  • Pass out flyers in your neighborhood door-to-door, inviting your neighbors to come by. This is a great way to meet the neighbors and it expands community safety, once they know you. They are more likely to say “Hi” when they see you, and more likely to let you know if they notice a problem with your home.

Marketing Online For Your Yard Sale

  • is the best FREE online ad resource to get buyers looking for your sale. Post pictures of your best items on this site, along with an outline of the items for sale.
  • You do not need to put your address online, instead, say, something like, “Follow the pink yard sale signs to the sale. Go to this address (select a popular local donut shop, or an elementary or high school location) giving that address. Then have a series of brightly posted signs along the way to help them find your yard sale.

Signage Should be Attractive and Fun:

  • String up balloons
  • Run ribbons between posts
  • Stick up shiny pinwheels over the front yard, fence, walls, letter box, etc.
  • Hang flags, streamers or pennants from temporary flag poles
  • Hang Christmas or party lights
  • Put up inflatable or cut-out Christmas or Halloween figures
  • Anything that is going cheap at your local party supply store. Shoppers won’t notice what’s on them, just the colors.

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Let Me Help You Sell Your Home

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