6 Tips to Make More Money When Selling Your Home in San Diego

Dr. Deena Stacer
Published on June 22, 2017

6 Tips to Make More Money When Selling Your Home in San Diego

As a homeowner, you will be interested in learning how to can make more money when selling your home,  Here are 6 core concepts to help you make more money when selling your home.  Watch this video to get more ideas on how to make more money when selling your home.

When Selling Your Home you want to:


Before selling your home to sell it you will want to depersonalize it so buyers can see their belongings in your home and to protect your identify from people posing as buyers.  Follow these three rules to depersonalize your home.

Walls:  Remove pictures of your family and any identifying certificates or awards.  This will protect your identity. It also allow buyers to imagine their own pictures and plaques on your walls.

Bath Items:  Clean off your sink and put your daily products into a container you can remove and put out of sight after using. Make your bathroom look like a luxury hotel room. Put out soap, towels and add a candle.

Favorites: Remove and replace any built-in items you are taking with you, such as lighting, built-in planters, decorations and window coverings. Do this before you take photographs and list your home.  If they see it and want it, you may be asked to leave it behind.


Before selling your home, you will want to declutter it so buyers can see their furniture and decorations in the empty space. Clutter makes buyers feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Clutter makes buyers reject your home because it feels messy and the brain can’t think when it is too messy, there is too much stuff and it is disorganized.

Closets:  Go through all of your closets-get rid of anything you absolutely know you are not going to want to pack and move to your new home. Recycle, donate, sell and throw away now- so you don’t have to do it when you are packing up under a deadline and you are not ready!

Surfaces: Clear off your kitchen counters, nightstands, coffee tables, desks, shelves and any other place where you have items that make your home look cluttered and messy. You want buyers to see how much space your home has so they want to buy your home!

Storage: Consider renting a storage unit if you have too much to get ready before you list your home.  Moving twice is more work; but the less you have in your home, the more buyers are able to see themselves living in your home and are more willing to make an offer.


Before selling your home, you will want to organize it so buyers feel less stressed about the way your home looks. They cannot remove items or organize them very well in their mind, especially if it is not their stuff so they reject the home because it causes them angst when they try to place themselves and their family in it.

Organize your Kitchen: Organize your kitchen and bathroom cabinet.  Buyers will look in the cabinets if they are interested in buying your home. Tidy cabinets mean you are not hiding any secrets. It’s true!! If it is neat and tidy, you are taking care of the home.

Alphabetize : Alphabetize your collections of DVDs, music and spices.  An organized home makes buyers feel like you are taking care of items in the home, like plumbing, and wiring … Buyers make psychological decisions based on what they see.

Closets and Garage: Organize your closets, cupboards and shelves. Get rid of items you do not want to move and pack up those items you don’t need until after you move. The less buyers see on shelves, cupboards and closets, the more buyers are interested in buying your home.

Repair and Replace:

Before selling your home, you will want to repair and replace items that are outdated, broken or missing parts.  A buyer wants to feel like they are buying a great home that is lovingly cared for by the owners.  If items are broken, outdated, ineffective and missing parts, they will believe that the rest of the home is not cared for. This makes buyers wary of buying a home that may have problems they may miss when they inspect  it. So, they reject the home or want to offer less on the home since they feel they will need to do a lot of work to uncover the problems you are not revealing.

Make it Neutral and Fresh: Paint rooms in neutral colors.  Buyers will be turned off by bright reds, blues …because they know they will have to do the work to paint your home. An interested buyer will choose another home that is neutral so they don’t have to do the extra work themselves.

No Drips: Fix or replace leaky faucets. Tighten up loose door knobs, wall plates, toilets and handles. The more you make your home maintenance-free, the more buyers you will attract who want to buy your home.  This lead to getting more buyers and more money for your home.

Open Sesame: Repair doors that creak and drawers that jam. Clean off wall plates, and repaint doors so they look fresh and neat. Ask your agent or a friend to point out items you can repair that don’t cost much money and will make your home look loved and cared for.


Before selling your home, you will want to clean your home until it sparkles.  You may still have outdated flooring or appliances, but spotless and clean makes buyers feel good about the home. Buyers will be delighted that you have lovingly cared for the home and have pride of ownership.

Floors: Clean and shine floors and clean those carpets. Clean and vacuum your home daily when showing it to buyers. Need new carpet?  You may want to offer credit for flooring. Buyers may not like your choice in flooring so don’t waste money replacing it.

Dust: Dust furniture, fixtures, and those hard-to-reach spaces.  Get rid of dust in every area so it looks like a luxury hotel!!!  Hire a person to do the final touches, like dusting to keep your home dust-free, while you are showing it to buyers.

Bathrooms:  Re-caulk around tubs, showers, tiles and sinks. Put a squeegee in every tub and shower and teach family members to remove excess water after bathing. Polish all metals, like faucets, so they are clean and shiny.  Fix mold, other odors to stop buyer’s fears.

Spruce Up The Outside:

Before selling your home, you will want to spruce up the outside. When a yard needs to be thinned out, cleaned up and be maintained, buyers feel exhaused already. They know it will require a lot of work on their part and maybe even a big expense to make the yard hum.

Grass:  Mow and maintain your lawn.  If you have broken sprinklers, get them fixed. Add a new hose if you need to spruce up the old leaky or crimped one.

Outside of the home: Clean your windows and pressure wash the exterior.  Remove old worn out wall coverings and if they are essential for privacy or to avoid sun damage to flooring, replace them with a neutral shade of covering.

Plants: Trim shrubbery around the house. Remove weeds, excess plants that make the home look crowed and unattended to.  Turn your yard into low maintenance and drought resistant if you can, to attract more buyers.

Psychological Factors Drive Buyers

Think like a buyer

Before selling your home, you will want to learn how to think like a buyer who is coming to see your home.  You want your home to be the one they are most attracted to. You want to depersonalize, declutter, clean, repair and replace, organize and spruce up the outside so that they see your home online in the photos and say, I can’t wait to see this home.  I hope this is the one. I hope this home looks as good in person as it does in the photos.  You want buyers to fall in love with your home at first sight with professional photos online, and them as they pull up and it has great curb appeal. You want many buyers to want to see your home and come in ready to write an offer. Give them plenty of reasons to fall in love with your home and get a multiple counter situation going with other buyers so you get the highest and best price.  Buyers want a home that is light, bright, clean and sparkles, saying, “Welcome Home, you and your family will be happy here!”

Dr. Deena Stacer

Dr. Deena Stacer is a real estate agent in San Diego. She uses her expertise in psychology, her skills in stress reduction and her real estate knowledge to guide families through the sale or purchase of a home with less frustration, fear and confusion. Dr. Deena will be happy to discuss any of your real estate questions and help you buy or sell a San Diego home. She can be reached at 858-229-8072, via  email at [email protected] or by going to the chat box at http://sandiegosearchforhomes.com/

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