Make More Money With Mirrors When You Sell Your Home

Dr. Deena Stacer
Published on May 29, 2017

Make More Money With Mirrors When You Sell Your Home

 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Make Your Home The Fairest Of Them All!



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If you are homeowner in San Diego, and you are thinking about selling your home, you will want the most important ideas to help you make the most money when you sell it. Adding mirrors is a powerful way to attract more buyers to your home. When buyers see the professional photographs of your home and they see all of the ways you use mirrors, you will psychologically draw them to your home. Not only do mirrors brighten, lighten, magnify and bring joy into a home, they speak to buyers in psychological ways. More buyers bring more offers and more offers increase the profit in your pocket when you sell your San Diego home.

Buyers Love Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your home will enhance its beauty; and at the same time raise the value of your home in the eyes of a serious buyer. Mirrors create optical illusions. They transform a small nook or room into a spacious area. They create openness and roominess. They brighten and lighten rooms and take away a sense of claustrophobia. They create more “feel good” energy in your home. Mirrors make your home look richer and brighter. Buyers love homes that are fresh and clean. Mirrors help buyers to fall in love with your home. Learn more about decorating with free standing mirrors to increase your home value.

Mirrors Can Reinforce A Perception For A Buyer

Mirrors open up even the most petite powder rooms: You can hang decorative gold vein mirror tiles or add an antique frame to the wall, this transforms the room from ordinary to charming and enchanting. A buyer will react to a powder room with delight, when they see how you’ve turned a small room into an artwork. Transform any room with a an oversized mirror. White powder rooms make buyers feel clean and fresh. Buyers will believe that you take great care of your home when a powder room is spotless and pure.

Unique Mirrors Can Reduce Mind Games For A Buyer

A large mirror in a large room causes your mind to be confused about where the real room begins and ends. By adding panels of mirrors to break up the reflection, your mind relaxes, instead of trying to sort out what is real and what is an illusion. Mirror strips open up a room without reflecting every detail of the room. This puts your mind at ease.Buyers like mirrors that open up rooms while reflecting more light and space. Learn more ways to decorate with mirrors.

Mirrors Can Dramatize A Room For A Buyer

Mirrors help expand small and short spaces. While large rooms with large mirrors can create an explosion in your mind. Mirrors can offer a dramatic feeling with certain elements like this chandelier. It brings an elegant feel while sparkling light on its crystals. 33 Decorating Tips for Decorating with Mirrors. Add a framed mirror to a room with soaring high ceilings. Then add mirrored doors that reflect angled ceilings and you have created symmetry. A buyer will want to spend a lot of time in this room just inhaling the beauty they feel and see.

Mirrors Can Excite A Buyer’s Mind

The mind gets excited when there are two mirrors on separate walls. It opens up powerful feelings inside the heart too. With dual mirrors, the mind has to sort out the real size of the room. When you add elegant furniture and decorations however you create a feeling of luxury. And with multiple reflections from both mirrors you create a feeling of abundance. This gorgeous room casts a spell on buyers who really want to entertain their friends and family in this home.

Buyers Want To See Themselves Owning Your Home

Buyers are always enchanted with a home that reflects good character and charm. We want them to “see” themselves living in your home, and it is easy when it is filled with energy and light. Buyers are also attracted to a home that reflects warmth and brightness. Mirrors help buyers “reflect” on your home as the right one to buy. And when buyers “see” pictures of your rooms online, they will want to “see” your home in person. With more buyers seeing your home, more offers will be generated, and the winning buyer will be the one willing and able to pay the most to live in your home! Learn more about how mirrors and the psychology of the mind are interwoven.

Where to Place Mirrors

1. Place a mirror near the front door or across the room so buyers see their reflection in it right away.
2. Place a mirror above a stove or on a wall in the kitchen so the buyer sees themselves in the kitchen,

3. Place a mirror along the wall over the bathroom sink or across the wall from the sink this will brighten a dark bathroom

4. Add a mirror at the end of hallways, to make the hallway look longer and more elegant

5. Place mirrors on the hallway walls along with wall sconces that light up, to expand the space in the hallway with light.

6. Place mirrors in the bedroom entryway, to expand the feeling of the room, so buyers see their reflection in the bedrooms

7. Place a mirror over a fireplace with LCD candles that you can leave turned on when you let the buyer see the home

8. Place a mirror in the laundry room because it can get lonely doing the scrubbing and cleaning. Buyers will feel good about claiming this room as theirs.

9. Place mirrors in dark corners to reflect the light and open up the space. Buyers don’t like dark spaces so you can eliminate them with small or large mirrors, hanging or free standing.

10. Place freestanding mirrors in bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms to open up the room and to reflect the buyer’s image.

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Dr. Deena Stacer

Dr. Deena Stacer is a real estate agent in San Diego County with a PHD in psychology.  She uses her expertise in real estate, her knowledge of psychology and her techniques for stress reduction to help get a homeowner through the sale of their home with the last amount of hassle and emotional exhaustion. If you have real estate questions you want an answer to, feel free to contact Dr. Deena via email at [email protected], or by text or phone at 858-229-8072 to get the information you need. There is no obligation or pressure from Dr. Deena.  Realty One Group-CA-BRE 00703471.



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