4 Tips for Maintaining Your San Diego Home

Dr. Deena Stacer
Published on June 25, 2017

4 Tips for Maintaining Your San Diego Home

4 Tips for Maintaining Your San Diego Home

We all want a Homeowner’s Haven

Everyone wants a home they can call their own. A home where they know their family will feel safe. Where they can raise their children. Where they can create memories with their loved ones, and a home that they can retire in and even age in place. One of the most important parts of home ownership is maintaining your home. Keeping up your home always includes making sure that the faucets and toilets work, the windows and doors are strong, the appliances are in good working order, the floors and walls are secure and the roof is free from leaks and water damage.


For a first-time homeowner, it can be quite a daunting experience trying to maintain your home to make it the haven you imagine it to be.

In addition, the expenses for maintaining your home include costs for landscaping, repairing toilets, faucets, windows, doors, walls, floors and roofs. All of these costs must be considered when maintaining your home. 

1. Tip one to maintaining Your home is to Create A Home Repair Savings Account:

Make every effort to save $2000 to $8000 a year for repairs and maintenance. When you save money for a major problem, you can fix it quickly. A neighbor of mine had a blue tarp on his roof for 18 months before he could afford to fix the leak. Rain damage can cause problems inside the home too. My same neighbor has lived with a green pool for 3 years because he doesn’t have the money to resurface the pool. The pool costs keep growing because there are now missing tiles that need replacing and he hasn’t run the pool heater for 3 years either.

You probably know someone who has been without a heater for a long time because they didn’t have the money to repair or replace it.

Once you have accumulated enough money in your repair account, you can use it to pay for a new roof, to resurface a swimming pool, to replace a floor or revamp your landscaping, put in a heater or air conditioner. Having that extra money available gives you peace of mind to handle all of the big problems requiring a lot of money to repair.

Raining in My Dining Room

I lived in a 1920’s home for 6 years. One winter evening, rain began pouring through the windows, in my dining room and my daughter and I couldn’t get the water to stop pouring in. My hardwood floor was soaked.

I called my handyman who told me to pull the copper scupper away from the wall. A scupper is a giant rain gutter. It was filled with debris and leaves after years of not being cleaned.

It was pouring rain when I when out and had to pull with all of my might to get that scupper separated from the outside stucco. It worked! I was able to stop the flood in my dining room. My daughter and I had a lot of towels to wash, but together we saved the floor!

2. Tip two to maintaining your home: Buy a Home Warranty Policy Annually:

Purchase a home warranty from a company like American Home Shield, First American, Fidelity National or Old Republic. This will help you reduce paying 100% of the costs for replacement or repairs of appliances, pools and spas. Paying an annual premium for a warranty is another great way to have peace of mind when unexpected expenses occur.

If you are a new homeowner, it is likely that the seller paid for a home warranty through escrow. You should consider renewing that policy yearly to save on repair and replacement costs of appliances as they age. Although you have a deductible for service and repairs, your warranty can offset the replacement cost of that appliance. You can always add extra coverage to cover air conditioning, heating…

Coverage varies with each warranty company. Do your research to find which company fits your needs. Read the fine print to learn what is covered and what is not. Add the home warranty policy to your home savings account and you are really reducing the costs for repairs when things break.

My Sears Home Warranty and a New Dishwasher Every 3 Years:

Years ago, when I bought my second home, the seller paid for a Sears Appliance Warranty. The dishwasher was configured to fit under the sink, because the home didn’t originally have space for it. It was hard to buy a new dishwasher and fit it into the space without having to rebuild the cabinet and counter top.

I lived in that home 14 years and I paid for the warranty every year. During that time I had 3 brand new dishwashers because the service guy kept bringing me new replacement parts to keep that dishwasher going. It was totally worth it for me to pay a yearly price just to maintain that dishwasher!

3. Tip three to Maintaining Your Home: Maintain the Minor and Major Repairs ASAP:

Maintaining is easy if you keep up the minor and major repairs as quickly as possible. If you need help, invite your friends and family to your home for a work party. Ask them to help you build out or finish a project that you want or need to complete. Many hands make light work.

Provide drinks and food afterwards, have fun and hang out together. Continue the work party at their home helping them get their projects fixed quickly too. This keeps their homes in better shape and it will increase everyone’s home value.

Maintain and keep ALL of your receipts in a file folder, or scan them in and save to an electronic file for future reference. When you sell your home, you can hand the buyer your receipt folder and they can happily study all of the receipts and repairs you have made. This reduces your liability and it makes the buyer aware of all the items you have repaired in your home.

A 1960’s Pool Party Comes To an End!

It was a lot of work to maintain our 1960’s pool in our front yard. So, we decided to fill it in in our 1920’s home. It was a lot of work to break through the cement and rebar and open up the pool for drainage. We rented a 90 pound jack hammer for the job.

The pool was on a slant so it required lifting the jack hammer backwards on the slant while it was turned on to free it up. One friend who helped us wore an umbrella hat to keep the sun off. The pool was bright white, and the only thing we could see was that umbrella hat bouncing up and down when the hammer was on!

My husband and several other friends worked together to complete that laborious project. It was a major effort that we couldn’t have done on our own. My husband jokingly tells the story, and says what he learned was, “Why rent a 90 pound jack hammer when a 60 pound hammer would have done the job!”

Don’t Look Now But Our Roof is Rolling Down the Gutter!

Our 1920’s home had a flat roof over the 2nd floor area. It leaked, which is common for flat roofs. One Saturday, we mopped the roof with Thompson Water Seal to stop it from leaking. It needed 24 hours to cure.

The next morning it was pouring rain, I said to my husband, “Don’t look now, but our roof is rolling down the gutter.” The sealant had not yet cured and there was a steady stream of white paint pouring into the gutter and rolling down the street.

We had to start all over with another $100 5-gallon drum of sealant, but this time we did it on a dry weekend!

Appreciation of your home’s value is one of the big benefits of owning it.

Owning a home offers you the advantage of painting a room bright green or upgrading the kitchen or bathroom with any type of faucets or flooring you want. You can also remodel the home anyway you want to.

If you do not have other retirement assets, like a 401K, IRA or a pension you have the opportunity to accumulate equity. If you allow it to grow, when you sell your home, you will have cash you can apply toward the purchase of another home or toward retirement.

However, the biggest benefit is that you can deduct the home mortgage interest on your taxes which gives you a tax break that renters do not get. And if you are a W-2 employee, then you do not own your own business, which means you do not have a lot of business expenses to deduct so you need that mortgage interest deduction to save money on your taxes.

4. Tip four to Maintaining Your Home:  It is Easy to Prepare your Home for Sale when you have been Maintaining it. 

When you sell your home, it is easier to get it ready to sell when you have less projects to repair and replace. It is easier to think too, since you have far less projects to repair if you have been maintaining it all along. You will then have more energy to pack up the home and clear out the items you want to store in order to stage the home to attract more buyers.

Consider painting the walls and ceilings a neutral beige or white, which makes buyers happy about not having to paint a red or purple wall, or a blue ceiling. The want a low – maintenance home.

There are many strategies you can implement to attract more buyers to your home. More buyers mean more offers. Multiple offers puts you in the driver’s seat, because your home is the fairest of the land, and will be the one buyers will pay more for in your neighborhood. When buyers see your home is lovingly maintained then they will be more likely to want your home versus a home that looks worn, lived in and in need of repairs. Buyers want a home that is easy to move into without much work before they can settle in.

Dr. Deena: Let me answer your questions about selling your home

Real estate is often complicated and stressful. I will be happy to answer all of your questions about paperwork, about my duties as an agent, how I negotiate, and many tips to reduce any fears, frustration and anxiety about selling your home.

I apply my knowledge about psychology to educate you about the psychological real estate strategies that will help you attract qualified buyers and help you net more money when you sell your home.

I have created numerous articles, handouts, e-books and YouTube videos designed to educate you so your life as a seller is less exhausting and frightening, and I have designed them to help you with tips to maintain your home, and how to make your home sale go smoother and be less stressful for everyone in your life.

If you have found this information helpful, be sure to check out more valuable videos on my YouTube channel. Go to YouTube and type in the magnifying glass: Dr Deena Realtor. Here are a few videos to get educated about increasing your home’s value and selling your home:

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I offer you my compassion, my expertise, and valuable strategies to help you make the most money, with the least amount of hassle when you sell your home, and help you reduce your stress, while guiding you every step of the sale.

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