San Diego Baby Boomer Resources

Valuable Tips For a Better Lifestyle

San Diego is an awesome place to live. As a Baby Boomer there is so much to do, enjoy and experience. Getting senior discounts always helps when life is filled with lots of activities and events. Here is some resources for Seniors and Baby Boomers to refer to for a full lifestyle.

San Diego Baby Boomer Tips and Resources for Moving and Enjoying Life!

Baby Boomer Resources for San Diego Home Owners:

San Diego needs Home Selling Strategies to help Baby Boomers reduce stress when selling their home and resizing or downsizing to another home. If you are buying another home you will need additional tips while you pack up and qualify for another loan. I’ve offered tips for moving and keeping your family in the help mindset rather the frustration or anxious phase. This page is loaded with home selling strategies and resources to help you get through the sale of your home with the least about of frustration and stress.

Baby Boomer Resources for San Diego Home Owners: This is a FREE app to put on your phone or tablet to help you store pictures and details of your household furniture, appliances, clothing, utilities and effects. It is sponsored by the Insurance Information Institute and organization to help make insurance easier to understand.  When you are moving, you will have pictures of your items in their current condition.  Ask your grandchildren to help you with the app and uploading photos for each room in the house. They can even store it on their smart phone if you don’t own one!











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