Tips to Reduce Your Stress when Selling Your home

Selling a home is very much like a roller coaster ride because each stressful phase of the sale has its own cycle of emotional ups and downs which are very stressful leading to feelings of being out of control.

The ride begins with the initial phase 1 Deciding to Sell Your home. Watch the first stressful phase of selling your home here. Deciding to sell your home. In this phase you are making numerous decisions that will eventually lead to you being ready to sell your home. Each decision will lead to another decision, and the process of moving to the actual mindset of selling takes time as you consider the pros and cons. If you have to sell a home due to stressful lifestyle transitions, such as divorce, downsizing and the death of a loved one, the family will have addition stress factors to consider when they go through the first phase.

Once you have decided to sell your home. You will move into phase 2. which is the Home Preparation Phase . This is where you will do the hard work of repairing, renovating, cleaning, sorting and packing up your own belongings as you get ready to put the home on the market and prepare to move.

When your home is finally ready to market it for sale, you will move into the phase 3. After you secure the buyer, you begin the Worrying and Waiting Phase. In this phase you wait for a buyer, you wait to find out if they qualify, you wait for the buyer to perform and you worry all the time if it is going to happen. .

At the same time you are worrying and waiting, you are also searching for your new home, and you are preparing to move. And, if you are buying a new home, you are also in the stressful buying phases too..The 4th phase of selling your home is the Moving Out and Settling into Your New Home

Each of these phases have their own set of stressful emotions and tasks that affect the entire family. Moving is one of the hardest tasks a family endures, because there are so many emotions associated with the sale of a home as well as the physical labor of preparing for the move and then settling in to create new routines and adjust to a new lifestyle.

I have prepared 4 videos and 4 ebooks to walk you through each of the 4 stressful stages of selling your home. Each video and ebook covers what to expect during that stage of the sale and valuable tips to help you and your family reduce stress, eliminate unnecessary family drama and the tools to create a smoother transition as you move on to the next stage.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.