Hello, I am Dr. Deena Stacer. I have a PhD in Psychology and a Broker’s license in Real Estate. I use my degree in psychology, and my expertise in conflict resolution, family dynamics, and stress management to help my clients get through the sale or the purchase of a home in San Diego County.

People often ask me, “Dr. Deena, Why don’t you work in the field of psychology?” My answer is, because it is a lot more fun working with clients in real estate, because they are only crazy until the escrow closes; and they are not crazy all of the time! Besides, real estate is a very emotional business!  Real Estate is filled with psychology in every area. For example, you need to apply psychological strategies when you market a property to find buyers, and you need to know how you as a seller can increase the value of your home to make more money before your sell it. This requires numerous psychological action steps, so that more buyers are demanding you sell your home to them.  Understanding how to create a flurry of excitement and desire in buyers through your sale will bring in more buyers and increase the home sale price.  You need to know how to think like a buyer when you are a seller and think like a seller when you are a buyer so you manage your real estate sale. This requires psychology too. Real estate is a study in daily psychology. 

Additionally, moving through a real estate transaction requires many stress reduction tactics to keep both buyers and seller calmer and more confident throughout the sales process.  The real estate market is always fluctuating. One minute sellers are celebrating the rising prices and the next minute they are cursing the market’s high inventory and the need to reduce their price to sell their home. While buyers are often emotional when there are multiple offers and they keep missing out on the chance to get their offer accepted because there is so much competition. Real Estate is always changing and always challenging, and I love helping my clients through the psychological journey.

I have worked for over 20 years with families involved in complicated transitions, like divorce, downsizing, the aging and the death of a loved one, relocating due to job transfer, retiring and the loss of a job or income. I am very skilled at guiding all of my clients through these difficult transitions and helping them gracefully ride through the emotional real estate roller coaster experience.

I am very comfortable working side-by-side with Divorce and Estate Planning Attorneys, Trustees, and Fiduciaries and other professionals who are involved in the legal aspects of a real estate sale. I apply both my Risk Management Credentials and my Specialization in the Senior Real Estate arena to assist my clients, who can be seniors, special needs families, first-time home buyers, and motivated sellers, and I am not afraid of handling those complicated transitions in life that impact the sale of a home. 

I offer extra care and compassion, creative solutions, and I operate with the highest integrity and competence as a real state agent. My goal is to help each client win as they move through each state of the real estate maze which includes making many tough decisions while helping them keep their stress levels down and avoiding all of the unnecessary emotional ups and downs that often occur in the world of real estate.

I have sold homes in all four regions of San Diego County; from the North to the South, and the East to the West. I thoroughly enjoy real estate and love helping my clients reach their real estate goals.

I really look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your real estate dreams. I invite you to contact me and ask me your real estate questions so I can start you on the path toward your goals. Or just give me a call to get to know me to find out if I can help you sell your home and buy a new one. 

I am Dr. Deena Stacer – The Doctor that Makes House Calls!  

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